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Poster Submission

Authors who submitted the abstracts for poster presentations should prepare their posters using the FAIM 2016 Poster Guideline/PowerPoint Template shown below.

You are required to submit your poster ppt file no later than March 31, 2016 to allow sufficient time for feedback/revision and editorial work for the conference proceeding publication.

All poster submissions should be made via EasyChair in both PDF and PPT version. Note that the file names should include the abstract ID number shown in EasyChair.

Authors can submit their posters without the submission of abstracts. But, any posters that do not conform to the FAIM2016 format will not be considered for presentation.

Instructions for Poster Submission:

1. Log into EasyChair with the account you created for your abstract submission
2. Under the "My Submissions" tab, open the specific paper number
3. Once you see your abstract, click on the right-hand tab entitled "upload new version (add files)"
4. Browse for your FAIM2016 formatted posters (PPT and PDF files, respectively) and submit new versions.
  *) You should submit both PDF and PPT files together to complete your poster submission.

Downloadable PPT Template for Poster:

Click HERE to download the FAIM 2016 PPT Template.


1. All poster presenters should prepare their own posters to be displayed in the poster exhibition site of the conference venue by using the 10-12 PPT slides submitted to EasyChair.

2. Poster Template will be provided in the webpage soon after author's PPT submissions.

FAIM2016 Poster Session:

- Time: 16:30-18:10 pm, June 27th, 2016
- Place: Auditorium 2, KSTC

Materials Provided by the Conference Organizer:

1. Base: Plastic Canvas ( 116 cm(wide) x 146 cm(high))
2. Adhesive Tapes or Clamps

Materials Prepared by the Presenters:

1. ppt slide hard copies or home-made poster
2. Material: not limited, can be posted on the canvases
3. Total number of slides: 10-12